Automatic Call Distribution

Sophisticated call center solution made easy and affordable

Easily distribute and manage incoming calls

Allworx Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is a robust call center solution that allows you to better manage your call distribution and tracking. With ACD, an unlimited number of supervisors can instantly manage the important configurations of each call queue and track an array of statistics on the performance of both individual agents and individual queues. ACD also helps reduce operating costs, increases employee productivity, and improves customer service levels.

Diverse call distribution methods

  • Linear priority - Distribute calls based on a prioritized list of agents
  • Round-robin - Distribute calls to agents in a circular manner, so calls are distributed evenly
  • Longest idle - Distribute calls to agents who are idle for the longest time
  • Ring all - Ring all agents in a queue simultaneously

Call supervision

Supervisors are able to monitor any agent calls in three different modes

Flexible queuing options

Automatic Call Distribution supports up to 10 queues with 16 calls per queue

Call queue statistics

Track detailed statistics on the performance of individual agents in real time

Allworx Automatic Call Distribution

With Allworx ACD, you can manage and distribute calls in linear priority, round-robin, longest idle, and ring-all styles -- whatever your call center needs!

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