Tablet Integration

Take your office communications with you, wherever you go

A complete business communication system that fits in your pocket

Why limit yourself to a deskphone when you can communicate with anyone from your tablet? Make your tablet work like your desk phone with Allworx Reach, a powerful application that transforms your tablet into an Allworx phone system. The application allows you to communicate with your business associates outside of the office via a tablet, making you more productive when you’re on the road.

Allworx Reach is perfect for:

  • Remote workers who always want to be within reach on their business numbers
  • Legal and healthcare professionals who need to be reachable at all times without giving out their personal mobile number
  • Employees who work in a distributed work area such as car dealerships, retail showrooms, and schools

Make and receive calls anywhere

Transfer, hold, and park calls with a single touch

See who’s available

Quickly scan your colleagues’ presence and status to see who’s busy or available

Update your status

Automatically update your call routes based on your presence and status

Allworx Reach and Reach Link

Allworx Reach and Reach Link ensures a seamless voice experience, even as your mobile data network changes.

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