Make smart, data-driven business decisions from anywhere
Beautiful, real-time dashboards and historical call activity reports
Allworx View and View ACD help you track metrics that drive your business performance. For call center teams, Allworx View and View ACD provide real-time, customizable dashboards and scheduled reports to help everyone stay on top of queue status and agent performance. The dashboards consist of a variety of metrics such as calls, queues, and agent statistics. You can view the dashboards on any browser-enabled device.

You can use Allworx View to:

  • Track outbound call volume by individual agents or employees
  • Track inbound call volume by geographic areas or time periods to identify customer trends
  • Measure incoming calls to specific DIDs associated with advertising campaigns
  • Identify unmet staffing needs and areas to reduce telecom costs
  • Project queue and agent metrics and statuses on a large monitor for call center agents and supervisors in their work area
  • Analyze Allworx system usage trends for further optimization

Comprehensive call activity reports

Create, save, and share call activity reports on demand or auto-schedule them for email distribution

Advanced data filters

Choose from seven intuitive call activity report templates with advanced data filters

Data export

Export call activity reports to PDF or CSV files

Real-time statistics

Stay on top of queues and agent performance in real time

Customizable statistics

Customize the dashboard using intuitive graphical charts, adjustable font sizes, alarm display options, and more

Unlimited dashboards

Create as many dashboards as you need with full access control

Allworx View and View ACD

Get comprehensive historical call activity reports with Allworx View and stay on top of call center performance with Allworx View ACD.


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