Enterprise-level security and cloud backup for your phone system
Rest easy knowing your Allworx system is secure at all times
Allworx OfficeSafe is a complete cloud backup solution that ensures your contacts, voicemails, and system files can be recovered quickly in the event of hardware failure or a disaster. OfficeSafe comes equipped with stringent security measures to prevent fraudulent activity.
Support for multiple network interfaces
If you have multiple Allworx systems, OfficeSafe allows you to schedule backups of each and every server independently, at the time convenient for each site, and be notified when each is complete. OfficeSafe can receive backups over any network interface connected to the server at any time without an application restart, so backups can be easily managed from a central location.

Automated backups

Schedule backups at the time convenient for each server, and get notifications when the process is complete

Robust security

Allworx continually updates its security features to prevent spoofing and toll fraud

No license keys

Allworx allows an unlimited number of servers to be backed up and up to 10 simultaneous backups to be performed without license keys

Allworx OfficeSafe

OfficeSafe is designed to facilitate automated backups of your Allworx data and application files for all your locations.


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